Work is worship

Good Morning to all.

Work is worship. Going to workplace and carrying out assigned work is more beneficial than going to a temple (= any worship place) and asking God to give luck and benefit, because HE already knows what you need since HE is all ANTERYAMI.

Work is Worship; and Satyameva Jayate. Tolerance, compassion and righteous attitude are the good investments for the future.

Doing good work

Involving only in, and doing good work alone should bring one happiness. If something else brings happiness, then one need to verify whether that work is good for people or not!

Talk is easy, work difficult

TALK is EASY, but WORK is DIFFICULT: That is why it seems TALK brings more PROBLEMS, and, whereas, WORK solves many PROBLEMS. That is why it seems JAIN MUNIES keep their mouth SHUT, and keep WALKING giving BLESSINGS!SHUT, and keep WALKING giving BLESSINGS! © Ab Narayan