The power of God

Good Morning to all. ——————–
We know that God is great and He has great power, .. but we may many time fail to realize that HE can use that power to punish us to mend our ways when we go astray!!. ————— God is great, & Satyam Eva Jayate.

A fundamental right?

Most people in India, instead of reading and trying to understand logically correctness of news presented by tv channels,it seems, they blindly believe and accept as truth whatever news readers say it on tv. .. Today one tv news channel says .. A case on behalf of a group of women agitators who are agitating for their FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT FOR FREEDOM TO PRAY is taken up by supreme court. And, it seems, there that news media does not explain or clearly states .. what it means by FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT TO PRAY??.

Learn Spirituality

At initial age for children it is important to learn spirituality than anything else, so that when they start growing they will be rightly able to distinguish which knowing/knowledge is good and helpful for personal, spiritual and social life living wherein slowly and gradually they rightly adopt learning skill, earning means of living, and enriching spiritual knowledge and living in peace and happiness.

Work is worship

Good Morning to all.

Work is worship. Going to workplace and carrying out assigned work is more beneficial than going to a temple (= any worship place) and asking God to give luck and benefit, because HE already knows what you need since HE is all ANTERYAMI.

Work is Worship; and Satyameva Jayate. Tolerance, compassion and righteous attitude are the good investments for the future.

Speaking truth

Why we are so much hypocrites? Whereas, hardly any one speaks TRUTH nowadays.

More we speak untruth, more we become irresponsible.

Discipline and truthfulness in speak and action are an elevated spiritual attitude.

Supreme Divine Power

Good Morning to all friends.

May Supreme Divine Power guide us to be righteous, and empower us to carry out good work, and thus bring progress and happiness not only for us, but for all others as well. Truth prevails. God is great.

Our Thankfulness

We Indians are to be very thankful:

to God, .. for His grace, guidance and care;
to our country the India, .. for all the opportunities it
democratically now made available for our use, and,
thanks to the entire World .. particularly to the North America, West Europe, Middle East, South Africa, South East Asia, and Australia where many of our people sought employment opportunities, and working and living there enthusiastically.

NATURE is divine, gracious and very tolerant and a loving mother to us. Thank you .. mother Earth.

Marriage today

MARRIAGE, – What is it to be considered.. . as a SOCIAL SYSTEM, OR as a RELIGIOUS SYSTEM for people of various CULTURAL groups who all together live under A MAIN SYSTEM as a NATION.

Please share your analysed view here. Thanks.

The real means

In Spiritual World, MEANS of your action that only serves (justifies) the END result. Whereas, in Material World, END only plays as the main purpose, and, how it is achieved is NOT of any significance at all !!.

Bothering others

SELFISHNESS (= taking care of self/individual interests only at any cost without bothering whether that action supports or obstructs others’ needs) is anti-spirit(ual), b’cos self-spirit is the smaller part of larger and supreme spirit (the universe) .

The fruits of INDEPENDENCE

We have achieved Independence from foreign rule now it is about seventy year back; But have we yet fully succeeded in bringing complete Independence for all our people from the bondage of poverty, enslavement by powerful forces; And, have we yet succeeded in providing to all people, particularly to the less privileged people equal opportunity for adequate earning of basically needed minimum income for daily sustenance. And, have we yet succeeded in providing to our all people equal opportunity for adequate education, and equal opportunity for decent living with at least minimum basic needs for adequately comfortable living which would bring peace and calmness in peoples mind so that their confused and disturbed mind won’t get distracted towards aggressive, harmful and wrongful actions that would destroy peace and tranquility in the society. It seems, it has now become more important than before for us to ponder over our priorities so as to ensure upliftment of all societies will take place reasonably well in more homogeneous level so that disparities and hate culture would vanish away from our societies, and thus peace and tranquility might dawn on people by turning towards spiritual way of living. …. ‘God is Great; and Truth prevails,’ — As God is LOVE, and Truth comes by intelligent KNOWLEDGE and efficient WORK, and thus blossoms HAPPINESS and PEACE. OM Shanti.

Reviewing our responsibility

Good Morning to all friends.
Let us ensure all needed work of the week are adequately carried out before we embark on week-end holiday on Sunday. Reviewing our responsibility ensures Gods grace and right guidance for smooth functioning of all work activities.

The political scenario in India

In India, it seems, our present national political scenario could be grouped as three category thought process people:

One being .. INHERITED ANCIENT IDEOLOGY represented by BJP, Second being POLITICAL OPPORTUNIST LIBERALS represented by CONGRESS and other like minded peoples groups, and the THIRD being the so called LEFT OUT PEOPLES MUSCLE GROUP represented by the so called LEFTISTS.

Satyameva Jayate

Good morning, wishing you all the best day, and the future as well. Introspection of our speak, walk and action so far, would graduate us to upper level of capability to perform more efficiently, more lovingly and more spiritually. — Satyameva Jayate.

The poor and the rich

Poor people remain poor not because they don’t like to become rich, but, because rich people don’t want to become more richer.

Poor and rich

It is so because, one main reason is that there is not much opportunity for poor people to earn more at higher income due to lack of more work opportunities. And, our rulers .. the govts .. too could not provide more organized level daily/casual but regular work facilities and/or other facilities like small trading opportunities.

This could be partially overcome if govt. expands and /or bring up more industries; But mainly, it could be overcome in a major level if our rich people invest more and expand their industries and other businesses for producing more cost effective and better quality products, then that would not only expand sales, export and consumption, but it will also surely result in generating more work opportunities covering larger section of the public( as IT/BT industries have done/helped for people educated in those fields). However, our rich people, b’cos they are already rich, they won’t like to invest more as it would invite more work and more responsibility of running larger industries which would bring more responsibility of paying more tax to the authorities; That is why Swizz Bank and black money are progressing!!.


In India, it seems, most people won’t mind spending in lacs and crores on celebrations like marriage, birth day party, celebration of old traditional festivals like .. ritual worship Araadhana Utsavaas in temples, festivities in Churches, and religion related other traditional ceremonies, but many people either want to avoid paying tax, and/or like to carryout manipulation in declaring assets and income, b’cos it seems they presume that paying tax is a LOSS !!.

A spiritual way of living

Good Morning to all.

Wishing you all BEST OF SPIRITUAL WAY of LIVING EVERYDAY. God is Great; And, TRUTH prevails always if not immediately but at least before the end of process, the search for truth, ‘the just ‘).


way of living

Narrow/broad minded

No one suffers due to ‘ BROAD MINDEDNESS ‘. All suffering are mainly due to NARROW MINDED attitude which not only restrains good expend of ENERGY and thus affects the growth, but it also involves increase in DEPENDENCE.

Pseudo spirituality

PSEUDO-SPIRITUALISM: Trying to create a beneficial status by quickly giving any reasoning .. is matching to PSEUDO-SPIRITUALISM. e.g. : Some people while in India they support any conservative political party; But while they go to America (US), there they support liberal party there. Please share your view here.

Practical knowledge

From our (India) educational school, college, university, or even from work places like production industries, or even from our society which had a great cultural heritage, we do not learn much practical knowledge either to .. enrich ourselves with ..

1) good physical health, or ..

2) good technical skills, or ,..

3) even for deriving happiness and satisfaction in working for perfecting our ethics in what we speak and do; or ..

4) even to enrich spirituality in our method of day to day living.

Spheres of influence

Less we feed ego to our peoples mind, more they will prosper, and get strengthened both in their (INTERNAL) – spiritual field and also in their (EXTERNAL) – social, academic and all other work related spheres.

Class and power

Power creates Class, —- one is the ruling class which has power, and the other one .. the ruled class — which has no power. Power without responsibility and accountability — leads to it’s misuse In most cases rather than it’s proper and efficient usage. Happiness and prosperity, or Disparity and struggle in the society are the direct indication of how good or bad way the power is used in human society.

the unseen

In a country like our India where per capita income is less compared to many developed countries, and here many people follow unethical means to earn their income and thus lead to unspiritual method in their day to day activities. And, though these people become rich quickly, and, also earn good respect in the EYE of society, but their spiritual value goes diminishing and hence, it seems they remain less noble in the EYE of the SUPREME GOD. But, though such things are a common knowledge, after all, who cares for the ‘UNSEEN’ in this materialistic world!!.

The intention of speech

When someone speak or talk about something, by listening carefully if you could and are able to make out their intention about the talk and its content/subject, even if they do not mention it (intention), even then in that matter you could make out : what is good or bad, what is right or wrong, and what is spiritual and what is not spiritually good or appropriate. And, whereas, all these measurements would be in percentage level, and NOT necessarily in absolute level.

A New earning

Who, in this life earns maximum money among the following….

1) Is the one who WONDERS about the past life?; …. or ….
2) Who WORRIES about this life?? ..or ….
3) The one who PLANS for the next life???

A positive ego

Very good morning and best wishes to our all spiritual seekers. A positive ego helps us to learn more and to expand and develop our knowledge; and thus attaining empowerment. Whereas a negative ego makes us become arrogant, incompetent and leads to adopt deviation from righteous path.

Political Thinking

If a person is economically poor by birth, it seems he usually develops LIBERAL thinking. Whereas, if he by birth or by some other chance becomes economically rich, it seems he then usually adopts CONSERVATIVE nature. Would you agree to this observation.

God Morning

God morning to all friends. May supreme almighty God bless us all with best spirituality, and thus attaining success, progress, happiness and peaceful day.